A Brief History of the World

A world forged in dragonsfire…

A Time of War
10,000 years ago to 8,000 years ago
It is said the world was formed in fire and frost, acid and lightning. The great god-dragons of good and evil battled for dominance over creation, and the lesser races cowered before their might. Legend has it that the awesome Crimson Emperor did do battle with the Golden General and his coterie to save his seven sons from death. When the Emperor was defeated, the Golden General saw that there was good in the heart of his foe. So rather than kill him, he devised another punishment.

A Time of Rebirth
8,000 years ago to 5,500 years ago
The sons and daughters of the great god-dragons became gods themselves and bickered amongst themselves terribly. It is in this time that Zoratzu is said to have risen, a mortal man, the reincarnated spirit of the Crimson Emperor made flesh, born a helpless human. Together with his lady love and childhood friend, they forged a new empire that spanned the face of Zorslund, united under one crown. In the end, all three were ascendant and became gods themselves, leaving behind a dynasty that would not be broken for more than 4,000 years.

A Time of Mortal Peace
5,500 years ago to 1,500 years ago
Under the watchful and ever vigilant eyes of the Rowanthane dynasty, the mortal sons and grandsons of Zoratzu watched over the land and ruled with a just hand from their capital, a glittering city eponymous with it’s sovereign. But this too, as with all things, ended. A massive army of evil dragons, guided by the dark goddess, Lunitara, laid siege to Rowanthane and razed it to the ground. Chaos ensued, and evil prevailed over the capital, christening it Bluewyvern Keep.

A Time of Desolation
1,500 years ago to 800 years ago
With the mortal realm in turmoil, the gods returned to their intrigue and bickering, allowing their battles to spill out of the Outer Planes and onto the Prime Material plane. It was during this time a group of seven mortals found the Great Throne of the Golden General and used it.. to destroy the gods. All but three: Zoratzu, Koruth, and Lunitara.

A Time of Unrest
800 years ago to present
The world fragmented, individual citystates garnered power. Whiteholt grew fat and languished in it’s power. Bluewyvern Keep also gathered forces, quietly, under the guiding hand of their tyrannical leader, Zargon, High Priest of Lunitara.—

A Brief History of the World

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