The known world consists of one large continent and surrounding islands. Not to say there is not more to the world, but it is, so far as common knowledge is concerned, unexplored.


A vast, mostly empty expanse of frozen land spanning nearly 2,000 miles north to south and the entire breadth of the continent east to west. Hoarfell is populated sparsely with only small communities, mostly consisting of the Mortal Races and the Dark Ones, and the mountain range the runs the northern border nearest the north pole is peopled by a hardy, xenophobic race of dwarves. Rumors abound that nomadic tribes of Oread, Sylph and Undine make war with each other throughout the vast emptiness but these are unsubstantiated.
Hoarfell is also home to the powerful Gnarhilt clan of warrior poets from which Svalbaird the Destroyer, a hero of the last age, hailed. Ostensibly nomadic, the Gnarhilt spend most of their time in one of two places depending on the season: Far to the north on the coast of the ice-choked Sea of Frozen Death during the summer months, or surrounding Coldoak during the winter. The Chieftain of the Gnarhilt Clan is hereditarily the master of Coldoak but the stewards of the city have long wielded power greater than that of the chieftains.

Considered by most (who don’t live there) the “north country,” the area known as Rowanthane was once a thriving kingdom wherein the line of eponymous kings and queens reigned. The capital city of Glissiron was destroyed by the fell crimson dragon known as Thivosterinael some thousand years ago, breaking the Dynasty of Rowanthane and effectively destroying the monarchy. Since that time, a half dozen powerful city-states have arisen in the lands of Rowanthane, each with a different style of government and predominant demographic.

South of Hoarfell and west of Rowanthane lies the misty forests of Mytherennial. Ancient woods dating back for millennia fill the borders of this land, and is, for the most part untamed. The densest population centers line the western and southern coasts of the land and the divide between Mytherennial and Rowanthane is bifurcated by a huge mountain range populated by dwarves, oread, trolls, and other monstrous mountain-dwelling creatures.

The lands south of Rowanthane and Mytherennial are made up of firstly thick jungle then harsh, equatorial desert. The jungles boast a host of small communities made up mostly of sylph and iffrit but no major cities to speak of.


Wolfenmoor is not a place in a physical sense but that ethereal realm between living and death. It most often appears as a dense forest mired in a thick, perpetual mist. It is said that the spirits of the unfaithful and traitorous wander these bleak woods as the guardian of Wolfenmoor will not guide them to their final destination until they come to accept that which they have done. Of the guardian little is known. Some say that he is the eternal spirit of balance, others that he was the first traitor to die in the world, still other think he was once a mortal man who displeased Zoratzu in life and was condemned to eternity in Wolfenmoor. What is known is that if you appear before your time, he will find you. What he does when he does varies from teller to teller but most agree that most likely he will murder you most assiduously.


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