Koruth Obedience Boons

Domains: Earth, Law, Moon, Sun

Obedience: Plant a tree every year on the day of your birth.

@ 12 HD: Gain an animal companion as a Druid equal to your level -4. If your alignment is good, the companion also has the celestial creature template. If your alignment is evil, the creature has the fiendish creature template. If you are neutral, you may choose one or the other.

@ 16 HD: You may summon an earth elemental (as the summon monster spell of appropriate level). You may perform a summoning once in a day, and choose between the following options: 1 Elder Elemental; 1d2 Greater Elementals, 1d4 Huge Elementals, 2d4 Large Elementals, 2d6 Medium Elementals, 3d6 Small Elementals.

@ 20 HD: You may cast Imprisonment once per day as a caster equal to your level. DC is 19 + Constitution modifier.

Koruth Obedience Boons

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