Zoratzu's Obedience Boons

Domains: Good, Protection, Sun, War

Obedience: Pray to Zoratzu for an hour at dawn.
+4 to Diplomacy and Knowledge (religion) checks for 24 hours.

@ 12 HD: Cure Light Wounds 3/day, Daylight 1/day, Remove Curse 2/day, or Stabilize at will

@ 16 HD: You gain smite evil- 1/day as a paladin of your level -4. If you are a paladin, of Zoratzu you gain smite evil one additional time per day.

@ 20 HD: You gain access to the spells heal and mass heal. You get six charges to use these spells: heal costs 2 charges, mass heal costs all 6. If you are a paladin of Zoratzu, you add 3 to your lay on hands uses per day, and these spells can be accessed through your Lay on Hands uses per day at the same cost.

Zoratzu's Obedience Boons

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